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Elodi application Empty Elodi application

Post by Elodi on Tue Nov 23, 2010 1:48 pm

Character Name: Elodi
What time zone are you in?: GMT
Jobs (75+): WHM BLM MNK DNC
up and coming BST 61

Did you burn any jobs to 75?, if yes which: NO
Did you server transfered?, if yes from which and old name:

Do you agree to the basic linkshell rules?: YES

Mission Status:
Nations: Basty10
Zilart: Done
Promatia (CoP) Dawn
Aht Urhgan (ToAU) Shield of diplomacy
Altana (WoTG): Cait Sait
Add-Ons:ACP last fight

Reason for applying: Seen u around and know a few of you.
Looking for a shell to have fun with on my BST as this is what i am currently on

Any other linkshells (Social or events): Witchesandwarlocks

Drops of interest:
MNK and DNC AF3 seals and then BST
Kraken club

im sure theres more but cant think of them atm

Please contact me thro game or via Elodi4070@hotmail.com



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Elodi application Empty Re: Elodi application

Post by Nemy on Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:29 am

Welcome, collect a pearl from me ingame.


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